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Cutting Edgers

To really set your lawn apart you will want to give the borders around your yard a crisp edge with a tool meant for the job. An edger helps keep your grass from spilling onto the curb, sidewalk or driveway, as well as into flower beds. Edging allows for a crisp, well manicured aesthetic that will have your neighbors seeing green. But what is the proper edger for you?

It depends on your needs and how precise an edge you’d like to get.

String Trimmer

Any string trimmer or “week whacker” is capable of edging, but if you’re going for yard of the month, you might not like the sometimes ragged edge you might get.

A string trimmer uses a thin nylon string to shred the grass at high speeds. It’s the most financially practical option as you’ll only need to buy one tool and additional accessories to do multiple jobs, including edging.

String Trimmer Engines

• Two-Stroke- these engines require a combination of oil and gasoline to operate, adding extra steps and mess to the process but generally cost less than the 4-strokes. A good example of this is TroyBilt’s TB90BC, at $152.99, this 31cc string trimmer has a great consumer rating and allows you to switch out attachments-allowing a lot of room for versatility for your dollar.

• Four- Stroke engines are much simpler, cleaner and more efficient. According to, four stroke engines burn only gasoline and have reported a 70% reduction of emissions when compared to two stroke engines. These engines also tend to be easier to start, causing the user less stress sweat and time. A good example of this product is Craftsman’s 29cc straight shaft weedwacker with SpeedStart technology can be found for $199.99. This model can have an edging accessory added on as well.

Gas or electric edgers

Only a true edger will give you a straight clean line and consistent cutting depth.

Edgers come with either electric or gas burning engines, and each has pros and cons. One thing to remember about electric models is that you are bound by the length of the electrical cord.

• A great example of an electric powered edger is Black & Decker’s Edge Hog 2-In-1 Landscape Edger. Available for as low as $89.99, this model comes with 3 adjustable blade height settings, weighs only 12.4 lbs and can be easily assembled without tools to ensure quick and convenient use.

• For a gas powered engine, a great model to consider is TroyBilt’s TB554 Lawn Edger. According to this edger starts at $279.00 and has 6 positions of adjustability, going as deep as 2¼”, with a three wheel support system for stability and a self sharpening 9” triple-edge blade.

As with all lawn care, the right tool should be used on the right job so use this article to find what’s best for you within your price range.  To learn more about edging tools, see

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