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Fabulous Flagstone Paths

Take the edge off overly geometric landscapes with the varied shapes and sizes of flagstone. You’ll be on the right path to creating a timeless stroll in your garden.

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens®


It’s important to get to know your stone. First, stone is usually sold by the ton. A ton of 2-inch-thick flagstone will cover about 90 square feet. It’s imperative to inform the supplier of the total square footage you want to cover because thickness determines coverage. To save extra energy have the stone delivered as close to your work site as possible. Before you start, get a baby sledge, brickset, hand tamper, gloves and eye protection to cut the stone.


What You'll Need:

  • Coarse sand
  • Weed barrier: PVC sheeting or weed-block fabric
  • Flagstone
  • Limestone screenings

Add a Flagstone Path


  1. Excavate the base. Dig a level excavation for your walkway 6 inches below grade. Smooth the bottom of the walk as much as possible, lay down weed barrier, and fill with 4 to 5 inches of coarse sand. Level and tamp the sand so that the flagstone will be flush with the ground.
  2. Lay out your path. Arrange the stones so that they’re at an equal distance -- no more than 1 inch -- is between them on all sides. This is where the art of laying stone comes in. Take time to arrange the best possible combination. Finally, force the stones into the sand, maintaining a level surface.
  3. Fill in and finish. If you need to cut a flagstone, score all around the desired break line with a brickset. Lay the stone across a scrap-wood straight edge and hit the unsupported part. Finish the walkway by sweeping limestone screenings between the cracks and soaking them down.


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