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Quick, Easy Lawnmower Care

Knowing when to mow your lawn can set the pace for healthy growth, but lawnmower maintenance can help your lawn make the cut.

With just a few steps, you can take care of your most important lawn maintenance tool before and during the mowing season to get the best results from your mower and the best-looking lawn.

The best place to start is to have your lawnmower tuned up and serviced. Maintenance is an affordable process, especially if you’ve spent invested hundreds on your mower. You want to make sure you get good performance and a long lifespan. The goal is to cut grass cleanly and efficiently with as little drag from dull blades and sluggish motors as possible.

Just as you would take your car in to have its fluids checked every 3000 to 5000 miles, your lawnmower needs to have its fluids checked, the blades sharpened, and other moving parts maintained to ensure that it is working  order from year to year.

Anything from sparkplugs to air filter may need to be repaired or replaced, and oil may need to be flushed from the system; so, unless you’re an expert or experienced mechanic and can do it yourself, you should take your mower to a company who knows their way around the inner workings of your machine.  Lawnmower repair services can be found online, in the Yellow Pages, or through your lawnmower retailer.

Now, after all this tuning up, to keep your mower in top shape both on and off the field you will want to take time to carry out some preventative measures. This means taking care and properly disposing of any debris in your yard like fallen branches and pinecones, while avoiding things like sprinkler heads, and decorative rocks or statues.

Don’t  wait to mow when your grass is so tall it will clog the blades. Ditto for mowing the lawn after a rain or shower. Wet grass, according to, has the tendency to clump so while the machine is completely off, you can scrape the debris from the undercarriage and your mower will start to work properly.

You will also want to be sure to check the undercarriage of the mower to make sure nothing is impeding or slowing the rotation of its blade. With proper maintenance and a little TLC, you can make your lawnmower work well for a long time and keep your yard looking great year after year. suggests taking care of lawnmower maintenance early, especially if you plan on getting your mower serviced by professionals. This lets you avoid the rush and get mowing sooner.

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