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Painting for Resale in 2010

Bold 80’s colors are returning, but they make a statement toward elegance and sophistication with pink and aqua to pop black, white and grey. But those may not be the best choices for sellers who want to depersonalize their homes. Today’s buyer wants tasteful, not showy hues. They don’t want their homes to seem frivolous. Whatever color palette you choose when staging your home to sell, think traditional and soothing.

Browns have been the go-to neutrals for a long time, but neutrals are evolving. Neutral grey is starting to take the place of browns, so don’t think of grey as a trendy color, but one that your buyers are seeing and wanting for their homes. Instead of the cool industrial look of brown, try graying it down with a little warm silver (silver with yellow undertones rather than blue undertones.) Today’s latest color hues look newest with silvery casts, like arctic silvery blue, calmed with grey, white, and soft neutrals.

If green is a favored color, don’t shy away from using it, but rather, tone it down. Pair olives with khakis and stone for a, pardon the pun, grounded effect.

Make neutrals pop by pairing a warm camel with sky blue, or by adding a focal point to the room, like a colorful painting.

When painting your space, try the interior design rule for color - 60/30/10. Divide your color scheme into primary, secondary and accent colors. The primary color is your neutral –camel, or a soft tint of your favorite color. The secondary color is the anchor  - brown, black or white. The accent color should have the most chroma – color and intensity. Think black couch (secondary) against a lavender or soft blue wall (dominant) with red or moss green pillows (accent) to draw the eye. And, to make a new color on your walls pop, paint crown moldings and other trim in white.

To test a color chip for accuracy, hold it parallel to the wall under natural light. If you hold the color in your hand, you’ll see what it looks like under the light, but that doesn’t mean it will appear the same color on the wall. Remember, interior colors are always darker than appear, while exterior colors are always lighter.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to give your home a color refresh, no matter what your palette of choice may be!

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