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Take a Room from Neutral to New with Color

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens®

White is white. It’s safe. It’s neutral and, well, it can be boring. Even though you may want to present a blank canvas to potential home buyers, you can offer more with some wall color. Bold, bright blocks of color can help your home stand out against the other homes for sale. Make your interior stand out and not feel washed out.

Add some fun elements by using bright colors and working with sections of a room’s walls. Play around with different blocks and strips of color and neutral hues.

For example, orange-hue color blocks convert this formerly neutral living room into a hot spot of color. The small change makes a huge impact.

Color choices were based on the room's accessories and furniture -- specifically, the sunny hue of the chair and lamp.

Leaving strips of the original wall color tones down the bright color addition, frames the various shades of paint color, and adds a crisp, casual note to the room.

Take a Room from Neutral to New with Color01

After: A few stripes of the original
neutral wall color tones down the
bright color.

For a similar look, use your room's dimensions to determine the size of color blocks. Measure the width to each wall and divide it into equal parts, allowing for space between blocks and in the corners.

To avoid choppiness, keep each window and doorway within one color block. For added interest -- and less math work -- vary block widths.

Take a Room from Neutral to New with Color2

Before: A neutral palette opened
the door to lively color additions.


Project Overview

Follow these steps to create the color-block walls.

1.           Diagram each wall on graph paper.

2.           Next, diagram the color-block designs onto the walls already laid out on graph paper to see how they will fit into the space.

3.           Use a level to mark the blocks on the wall.

4.           Tape off the blocks with painter's tape.

5.           Paint in desired colors.


Take a Room from Neutral to New with Color4

White accessories -- the table, curtains,
vase, and flowers -- contrast with the
bold walls.


More Ideas...

For a designer finish, use leftover paint to cover several squares of artist's canvas (available at craft stores), and hang the completed artwork within the color blocks.
For a final pop of reflected color, prop a large mirror against a wall.

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