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Best New Bedding Ideas

Like housing square footage, beds have upsized from the twin beds of the TV chaste 1950s, to extra deep California Kings, loaded with pillows, throws, and mix and match patterns and colors. Heavy brocade-like bedspreads have been replaced by duvets and light layers or blanketing and bedskirts that can be changed for the season.

Then came the clean, simplified look of the luxury hotel suite – the haven of executive road warriors across the nation. So we’ve done frilly and we’ve done tailored – what’s next?

Classic linens are back in a big way and the more heirloom in appearance the better. Heirloom quality linens provide the most satisfying sleep experience, as linen is both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Add sumptuous bedding fabrics such as leopard faux fur, faux mink, padded velvet headboards, and you have a luxurious experience. 

Wedding dress white, candelight and ecru can be softly mixed with subdued beiges, pinks, blues, greens, and taupes in lightweight wool or cotton blankets, pillows, and accessories.  White or ivory sheets are bordered with satin stitch accents, embroidery, or monograms.  The bed covers can repeat the satin or contrasting stitching, providing a crisp, clean, and stylishly understated appearance. 

Why is white making a comeback? It’s fresh. White and ivory are the classic neutrals that can blend with almost any bedding.  Peacock Alley,, is known for the signature look of white or ivory bedding. 

Monochromatic bedding offers one color in various shades.  Color styles are suggested by the designers - natural, sophisticated, complementary, or contrasting.  If you choose a monochrome color scheme, make sure you add interest and depth with nubby textures and weaves. Monochrome or neutral colors can be made more exciting with bold patterns.

Quilts have been around for centuries, but today’s quilts are exciting and colorful.  And what’s old is new again, as classic French matelasse, is returning in lovely solids and petite patterns wit floral and feathery stitching. Quilting has become a hot hobby, but savvy sewers have been doing it for years.  Visit a quilting store and select your own fabrication. 

If you don't want to sew your own heirloom quilt, a recommended quilter can.  Top designers also offer quilts in their collections.  Solid color or small patterned matelasse blends well with cotton blankets for a warm, layered appearance. Nothing is more cozy and inviting.

Other fine linen purveyers are also offering fabulous bedding in color and patterns.  Yves Delorme of Paris,, retains its dye colors so that you can add to or replace combed Egyptian cotton linens bought decades ago to match.  New collections come out bi-annually, but many customers rely upon the classic weaves, as well. 

If you want drama, it’s hard to top black and white. Offered in damasks, toiles, stripes, and florals, there is a black and white pattern for everyone.  A secondary trend is the color purple.  Lavenders to royal purple can be seen in beautifully styled bedding. 

When you update your bedding, think about fabrics, patterns and styles that stand the test of time. Bedding that feels cozy and luxurious never goes out of style.

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