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Enhance Your Home with Decorative Doors

Doors are more than entryways. They offer incredible visual and architectural elements to your home. Find out how your choosing the right doors can make a big impact to your visitors. 

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Doors are one of the most-used items in your home, but sometimes you don’t realize how much power they have in a room. The right door is an important component to a room’s design and a home’s feel. For example, the use of a low-quality door in an expensive home will stick out like a sore thumb. 

Today’s homeowners and potential home buyers are much more door savvy and understand the importance of design. They are looking for those extra elements that offer beauty and function. So demand more from your doors. There are many options to choose from. 

Architecturally Authentic Interior Doors

The trend toward design detail in homes is showing itself in doors that make the typical six-panel hollow-core door look flimsy and uninteresting. Manufacturers are responding with new style selections in solid doors made of wood, glass, metal, and MDF (a composite wood product).


Photo courtesy of TruStile


Traditionally, home builders have offered fairly limited selections and manufacturers have so many that it's hard to choose. This leaves the consumer to seek out alternatives. In new home building, a designer or architect may be able to help with the process. The most important thing is to know that architecturally authentic doors are available to complement the style of your home.

TruStile Doors offers a design series based on 12 architectural styles, including art deco, Colonial, high country, new European, traditional, Tuscan, Arts & Crafts, farmhouse, modernist, southwestern, Tudor, and Victorian. Each design includes a collection of doors faithful to that style. If you need help identifying your home's style, or just want to browse house styles, the architectural heritage of each is described on the TruStile Web site at 

Old Is New Again in Exterior Doors

Many of today's new homes are inspired by European architecture, and exterior doors in an old-world style fit the trend. Homeowners often want their exterior doors, especially the front door, to make a statement in keeping with old-world style.

These doors are typically made of solid wood or a wood composite material, but are also made of fiberglass and steel.

The National Association of Home Builders reports that 63 percent of today's homeowners would rather choose a smaller home with high-quality amenities than a larger house with fewer amenities (37 percent). Bolstered by this attitude, many people are upgrading their homes with expensive design details rather than moving to a bigger house. The result is seen in doors that include transoms and side lights or other details in keeping with the home's architecture.


Photo courtesy of Jeld-Wen


Patio Door Basics

French, swinging, and sliding patio doors have long been popular options in new homes and remodeling projects. But they haven't always been the most beautiful, energy efficient, or secure doors to own. Fortunately, today's better-quality patio doors are attractive, energy smart, and secure.

French patio doors offer a European look, and because both doors open, they flood a room with air and light. A swinging patio door has one fixed and one operable door, and is probably the most commonly used patio door today. The sliding patio door is best when there isn't space for a swinging door.


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