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People see their home as a direct reflection of themselves. But if your tastes are extreme, it can increase your listing time.

When it’s time move or simply redecorate, beige is beautiful. By ensuring your home is as inviting (and neutral) as possible, you stand to substantially increase your home’s appeal, not to mention the selling price.

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If you’re in the midst of staging your home or just remodeling, consider how the following will ensure it sells quickly at or above the asking price.

1. De-cluttering your clutter

Everything in your home has a home – your job is to find it. If the space is cluttered, buyers won’t see your home’s full potential. While showing your home, consider renting a storage area or borrowing some space in your neighbor’s garage. Remember, selling your house involves showing the buyer the possibilities of the space.

2. Keep it clean

A messy space with grime and grit is a distraction for a homebuyer. Walk through the house with your Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate sales associate and make a list of the spaces that need cleaning. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional crew and get it done.

3. Stage(ing) matters

Adding fresh flowers around the house, especially to the front hall, creates a more welcoming environment in your home. Try placing some beautiful books, pillows, fresh fruit, a cozy blanket or other items around the house as well.  Little touches will go a long way when buyers are envisioning life in their new house.

4. Let there be light

Replacing lamps and other fixtures with more up-to-date models can take a home from shabby to chic. Increasing the bulbs from low to high wattage can make all the rooms brighter and spacious. Adding wall sconces can make ceilings seem larger. If you have a dark room, think about paint color and light as a way to enhance it.

5. Splash and spruce it

Look at your home with new eyes and see the places that need a splash of color or need some sprucing up. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls can instantly turn a dark or a small room into an inviting space. One of the better tips for selling a house fast is to take a walk around the home and find places in need of repair. Then make a list of home improvement and decorating projects to do before listing your home.

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