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Tips for Adding Wall Texture

Add character and beauty to any room with embossed wallpaper. Find how you can incorporate it into your new home. 

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens®

When it comes to walls, paint isn’t the only option. Embossed wallpaper can add beauty and texture to the vertical spaces. Combining paint and paper can make an ordinary room become extraordinary.
You might not realize it, but surface texture gives a room warmth and hides flaws in the walls.

For this elegant, old-fashioned look, we applied embossed wallpaper two-thirds of the way up the wall. A narrow shelf softens the transition from textured wall to plain, but the same effect could be realized with molding.

To enhance the texture, we used a paint technique that darkens the field area of the pattern and lightens the raised portion. To achieve this result, first cover or tape off the base molding and floor; paint the wallpaper in a solid color, then use a squeegee to remove some of the paint from the raised spots.

Note: Practice on scraps of the wallpaper first until you master the light touch needed to accomplish the result you want.

Tips for Adding Wall Texture1

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