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Knock Rust and Dust Off Your Grill Before You Barbeque

If you’re a homeowner with a gas grill, you probably are already looking forward to having your first barbeque of the season. Since most people tend not to use their grills over the winter, your grill has had time to accumulate some dust, rust, and a potential insect infestation by the time spring rolls around.  

Before you start knocking off the dust, advises, check the tank for pressure levels. suggests that you pour hot water on the tank then slowly feel down its side from the top- at the point where you feel a temperature shift from warm to cool. That’s the level of gas in the tank. If you need more gas first make sure that your connection is OFF before disconnecting.

Next, check the tightness of all the connection points on the grill. To test the tightness, a simple soapy water solution can be applied to the connection points. If you see bubbles forming you know there’s a leak at that point and you can thus tighten accordingly.

At this point you can start to knock off the “rust.” As you’ve been checking your connections, you should notice the state of the tubing from one point to another. Any tubing that looks brittle or has cracks or holes should be replaced, says the Coppel TX Fire Department’s website on safety. Also, insects like to make their winter home in the venturi tubes of gas grills, so be sure to clear the tubes of any and all blockage.

Also, using an oven cleaner formula and a wire brush, you should scrub off the surface of the grill, the side burner, and whatever other accessories you have to ensure a clean surface to cook on. Oven cleaner is specially formulated to not release toxins when burned off.  If your grill surface has a non-stick coating, don’t use the brush and follow the instruction manual that comes with your grill instead.

Lastly, remember to store your gas tanks upright, in a cool or shaded area and away from any heat source. You do not want to store the tanks in your home or near a window or A/C unit that brings air into your home. If there are any leaks you could release harmful gas into your home.
Once you’re done with all that, have some friends over to enjoy your hard work and some tasty barbecue grilling.

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