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Focus on the Faucets

The kitchen faucet: used heavily and heavily under-appreciated. Make sure that your favorite faucet is offering what you need. Here’s how to find the right fit when it comes to this faucet.
From double-handles to ceramic-disk valves, there is a huge variety of kitchen faucet types and functions. Make sure to take the time to find the faucet that fits you perfectly.

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The right faucet with the right features can actually enhance the entire kitchen. It just might make washing the dishes a little more enjoyable.

Single-handle faucets let you set the water temperature with one control lever or knob.
Double-handle faucets appeal to those who like the look of separate hot and cold controls; large wing-shape and cross-shape handles are popular styles. Various models will have these controls either close-set or wide-spread to fit pre-drilled openings in sinks.
Valve types. With either configuration, faucets with replaceable cartridges or ceramic-disk valves are more reliable than those that use old-fashioned rubber washers.
Restaurant Style. Large spray heads are attached to the end of a long hose that hangs from the wall near the sink, offering an easy way to grasp and spray with one hand.

Focus on the Faucets

A large, double-handle,
vintage-look faucet.

Chrome and brass fixtures are the most common type and are available in a variety of polished and brushed finishes. Pewter, nickel, and copper are also available.
Many easy-care finishes won't corrode, tarnish, or discolor.
Powder-coat epoxy can give faucets a touch of vibrant color.
Specialized finishes such as brushed nickel, matte brass, antiqued bronze, and even black iron can give your bathroom or kitchen unique style.

Focus on the Faucets2

Chrome is a classic choice
that blends with most decor.

Riser faucets allow greater clearance for filling stockpots and large containers.
Spouts with pull-out sprayers aid in cleaning and can fill large pans without putting them in the sink.
Scraper/spray and brush/spray combinations can tackle tough cleaning jobs.
Pullout wands are available that change from spray to stream at the touch of a button.
Built-in switchable filtration systems deliver purified water on demand.
Antiscald faucets let you set the maximum water temperature -- usually 110 degrees -- to protect children.
Instant hot- and chilled-water dispensers keep water on tap for instant coffee, soups, and powdered drink mixes.

Focus on the Faucets3
Select the extras you'll use. 

Height Matters. The ideal kitchen faucet is tall enough to fill pots and can rinse all corner of your sink. One option is a faucet with a retractable head that allows you to spray water where you want it.
Avoid Splashing. To avoid splashes, make sure the faucet's height and the sink's depth are compatible. Also, check the faucet's reach: Water should flow to one side of the sink's center, but not toward the back. Extra-deep kitchen sinks and kitchen sinks with more than one basin often require special faucets to guarantee the appropriate height and reach.
On the Wall. Wall-mounted faucets offer the most flexibility when it comes to height. Because widespread and single-level models can be deck-mounted, they can be positioned behind or beside sinks.
Mini Models. If you need to replace a center-set faucet, consider a mini widespread version. It looks like a separate spout and handles but will fit existing center-set holes.

Focus on the Faucets4

A good match of faucet to sink
improves a kitchen's functionality.

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