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Fixing Problem Carpet Spots

You saw your next paycheck flash before your eyes when you found the tear in the carpeting. You thought of the furniture moving, the carpet tearing, the costly re-installation. Before you go too far in your planning, take a closer look. You may be able to patch the area. 

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About this Project

There is actually a simple cut-and-replace technique that can save your carpet and save you from the hassle of installing new carpet. It’s as easy as patching up the problem. Here’s how you can do it.

Patching Damaged Carpet

Repair your carpet before you
have to replace it.



1. Put template over damaged area

Nail a clean can lid or other template over the damaged area. Leave the heads of the nails projecting.

Patching Damaged carpet 2

2. Create new patch

Using the lid as a guide, cut carpet with sharp utility knife. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the matching patch.

 Patching Carpet 3

3. Adhere edges

Vacuum up loose fibers. Slip double-faced tape halfway under carpet edges. Apply seam cement to edges.

 Patching Carpet 4

4. Put new patch in place

Press the patch into place. Weight the patch overnight with a book or board and a heavy object.

Patching Carpet5

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